Tracking and Protecting Your Travel Deductions

#1 on the IRS hit-list for audit adjustments are going to be the business use of your automobile or truck.

So says W. Murray Bradford of the Tax Reduction Institute (visit his website at Bradford Tax Institute) . Mr. Bradford is one of the U.S. foremost tax experts, specializing in Small Business owners and Individual Taxpayers. I just wish I would have had a chance to work under him as my mentor.

I strongly recommend you sign up for his Tax Reduction Newsletter and updates. Murray has the unique ability (for a CPA) to speak in a language anyone can understand and explain complex concepts simply. He has made a career of studying the Internal Revenue Code to serve Small Business Owners and Individuals to save us money and protect us from the IRS.

Please take a moment and view his video on YouTube that discusses what the IRS will look for first in an audit, and costs the most money in audit adjustments: Disqualifying Travel Expenses: Bradford Travel Log Video.

The IRS DEMANDS a travel log, and Mr. Bradford has allowed us to share his samples with you.

Download his complete Tax Diary System at: Bradford Tax Diary System

Download his Tax Diary Excel Spreadsheet at: Bradford Tax Diary Summary Spreadsheet

And send Mr. Bradford a thank you email at Thanks!

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