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Employer vs. Subcontractor Test

Do you have employees or Contract Labor? Just because you call them “1099 workers” or subcontractors, doesn’t make it so! The IRS is clamping down on employers who treat these types of workers as subcontractors, but who are really employees, according to their standards (the only ones […]

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Tracking and Protecting Your Travel Deductions

#1 on the IRS hit-list for audit adjustments are going to be the business use of your automobile or truck. So says W. Murray Bradford of the Tax Reduction Institute (visit his website at Bradford Tax Institute) . Mr. Bradford is one of the U.S. foremost tax […]

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Are You Smarter Than a CPA?

How do you know you have a great CPA or tax preparer? “Jim” looked confused when we first met. “I think my taxes are wrong,” he said. The return looked good in its expensive binding, and it was a from well-known CPA firm, and there was an […]

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